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Is reducing our prison population worth five minutes of your time?

Speak out for inmates today - Write a Governor!

We must let our elected officials know that it is detrimental for prisons to block mail from We always seek to work with the Department of Corrections so inmates return to society with jobs, homes, educational resources, repaired credit and more – all designed to reduce recidivism - but these options are sometimes prohibited. Some states that have banned like to cite inmate fraud as the reason. Little evidence is ever offered to confirm this. Laws and rules already exist to hold inmates accountable for mail fraud, and provides detailed information on detecting and reporting fraud. We strongly maintain that this is virtually non-existent with our users and is simply a false alarm sounded by some over-zealous state employees who seek to further punish inmates (and their families) by employing such an arbitrary and unwarranted rule.

Governors need to know that is supported by a strong base of rational citizens who believe in common sense solutions. You are called to this cause to help put our prison population back on track. Will you invest five minutes to speak out to these Governors?  Follow these 3 simple steps TODAY:

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Step 2: POST

Post this message to the governors’ most recent updates on their Facebook Pages:

Dear Governor,

I am posting this message to you today to ask that you please stop blocking inmates from utilizing reintegration services through These men and women need positive contacts outside of prison, employment and housing upon release, and many other services this site seeks to help with.

Thank you!

Governor DeSantis of Florida’s Facebook Page
Governor Holcomb of Indiana’s Facebook Page
Governor Parson of Missouri’s Facebook Page


Print and mail letters asking these governors to stop blocking inmates from using