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  • There are many official third-party services for pen-pals to email inmates. These are fee-based services and are monitored by the institutions. provides no mechanism of contact for inmates to actually email. However, once you are registered and logged into our website, you can create and send your first message to an inmate using our website. We will first check to make sure your message complies with all rules and laws, and then we will print and send it via postal mail to the inmate.

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  • Because of third party services, inmates can, in many cases, leave voicemails for you. This is a fee-based service. in no way helps facilitate this kind of communication, but institution policy sometimes allows it.

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  • While conjugal visits have been proven to be effective methods of reducing recidivism and reintegrating inmates into society, they have been in widespread decline for many years. There are still some institutions practicing conjugal visits. However, it remains unclear if they will continue in the future.

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