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You are viewing's Inmate Blogs section. Here you will find blog entries from inmates all around the country. The prisoner blogs below are all posted by active members of You can view their profile by clicking on the hyperlink beneath the photo.

Jonathan Ackerman #407195

March 23, 2023

That's Not My Job

This story is about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have.

Movie of My Lifer

March 21, 2023

In 2022, my friend and I released a film about my life. For those of you who have a chance to see it, please contact me so I can send you the information.

There is no wrong interpretation. I can imagine being there with all of you, to see your reactions to this story of those of us who are [in here] and those who have already departed. I thank life for the gift of this experience, to be able to express that which goes unseen. I could tell you that nobody has gone through something like this, but all of us have gone through things that have marked our lives.

Yes, I feel that I am living through an injustice based on circumstances, but I keep pushing forward, waiting for the smallest opportunity and without reproaching life. I will just keep going. Enjoy.

Big hugs and Blessings.

- Sansón -

Victor Alvarado

March 19, 2023

Challenge #One: Food

Eating healthy in this "Cosmopolitan" place it is very challenging: Food is very expensive, and you have to be part of the "right" network to get it and there is also other "variables" that have to be taking into consideration: it can be taken away at any time and even get you in trouble, I have lost good time (27 days) twice!!!

Onions $3 dollars, Bell Peppers $3, Tomatoes $2, Cucumbers (more challenging) $4, Celery (way more challenging) $6, Chicken breast 2 flat new books of mail stamps = $20 (the "Euro" of this ecosystem) for a bread bag. Boiled eggs 20 for 1 flat book, Bananas $1, apples $50 cents. And everything is very limited.

You [must] know the "right" people and you have to "adjust": Kitchen "Bandits" are the most *peculiar* of all. (My future wife will LOVE the super-social skills I have developed by dealing with these "characters". I can make the kitchen thieves feel and believe they are "Celebrities"). Things must be said and done for a tomato, no question. (I'm glad there are no strawberries here, I've experiencing many "ethic failures", definitely). And there is fish; Tilapia and Pollock, beautiful fillets. But what, are you kidding? Do you really believe that one of our "Socialites" (also known as *Kitchen Cooks*) of this All-Inclusive (males-only) Resort are going to waste their Uber-valuable time baking fish for a dummy? Really? Fried fish is the most sought-after "amenity" on the menu. Out of my reach, totally.

No Super-Powers, just Jose.

Isaiah Rodriguez #400985

March 17, 2023

What’s up, everyone? I’m Isaiah and I wanted to put myself on here and see who I cross paths with along the way.

I’m open-minded, genuine, and optimistic. With a humorous and humble personality.

I’d like to meet someone I can vibe with and together share a laugh or two.

Ruben Feliciano #12986-014

March 16, 2023

Change has been the key to my life. It's been a very long journey, and I'm still moving forward, growing and learning new things every day to help others as well along their struggles in life. My strong will is to keep fighting for justice and in the hopes to get a new trial. Thank you for finding the time to read my blogs and looking through my profile page. I have come a long way within the depths of my life and seek to find a rare soul who can relate within the visions of my life.

I want to listen to your visions, build a bonding friendly relationship. I must say the beauty within a child's reflection is wishing to have another chance to be one again, in the hopes that child will wish, I will be its reflection to become brilliant as an adult. My reality is to be grateful for yesterday, be graceful for today because tomorrow is just not promised.

Smile, if you have a waken to live another day. I'm smiling and awakened to seek a real true friend. Reach out and teach me some wisdom, and band within our integrity to build one. Trust me that I'm one of the real ones. Respectfully, Ruben.

Ahmad Smadi #BL2796

March 16, 2023

My parents met while working in the American Embassy in Syria. I had a chemical accident when I was a baby, and we moved to Los Angeles, CA, for better medical care. I ate through a gastric tube for several years, then underwent monthly esophageal dilations while I was 13.

In June of 2000, at Children's Hospital of LA, I had the first experimental esophageal replacement surgery, where my entire esophagus was removed, and part of my colon was put in its place. It was a miraculous success. I am forever grateful to Dr. Stein, nurses Nego, Shery, San Chresting, and the entire CHLA staff and donor family.

I am running marathons and raising money for Children's Hospital, even though I had half of my left lung removed due to infection from chemical fumes during the industrial trauma in 1988. I ran track and cross country in high school, and took up boxing at 19. I made it all the way to Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, CA, and trained under Superman's expert mentorship as a member of Team USA Boxing.

Unfortunately, a career in incarceration replaced my boxing career, and my Olympic dreams were frozen by the reality of an extended prison winter. Knowing all of this helps you understand three things about me: the origins of my severe PTSD, my unshakeable faith in an omnipotent and benevolent higher power, and my insatiable desire to give away a life that was never mine to begin with in service.

James Hendrix Blog

March 14, 2023

Women/you were created to love nourish, protect, and embrace!.. Not neglected ,disrespected, unhonorably used, abused, and disgraced! This world that`s now polluted with ungodly men/people make women/you think they have to be something, give something, or do something, that`s completely out of their nature to be loved. People are living lies far away from God's love and truth!

Materialistic addictions, falling in lust not love, the devil is working overtime and look around... he controls many lives. Don`t let him control yours! His time is coming, don`t fall with with him! 

You want something beautiful and amazing?? Focus on the one that created love and everything beautiful...GOD!! Start with, would this man be pleasing to God? If it's a No, then he is unworthy of your love. Here's some wisdom that was given to me for YOU  to enjoy....

All things happen for a purpose and reason, just as God made the world and change of the seasons. Even my heart bleeding from this pens ink to this paper, your eyes were chosen to read these words from God I can give ones life a whole new meaning. and something to show so you now can know! 

You're not alone! In this cold, dying world, my heart with yours is also beating. It now makes sense what they say "Seeing is Believing." Some reasons are beautiful, healing and miracles. Others are unbearable, heart breaking and terrible, good, bad, happy or sad, there is a reason. Hearts are broken to heal and be stronger, now when that greater love comes that heart is now capable to honor! See reasons?? 

It's now on you to take these reasons and know their value to allow them to make you like God made diamonds or they can break you like man made pipes. Therefore "you must embrace the struggle" in reasons cause it is the Creator of real strength and true beauty... When diamonds are pulled out of the ground, they look like dirty pieces of glass. It's your responsibility to bring them to their eye catching, beautiful light absorbing, and reflection potential. They are not easy to cut, polish, and shine. When cutting one grain of sand can completely shatter the stone. It takes precise precision and perfect pressure and gentleness when moving and handling the diamond. Anything in mans/worlds hands you can never guarantee or fully trust.. We are defaulted as human beings cause we always think twice.. it is bred into us for means of survival.. see examples of reasons??? 

Pressure makes God made diamonds and breaks man made pipes. so what`s your purpose in this life after these reasons going to be?? Used and abused by man and left broken? Or trust God, my Father with the diamond/soul in his hand and shine like I AM?

I`m hoping.... remember many were called only a few were chosen... these are from God and I alone. Not from no book or someone else. And I don`t talk, what do they call it "game", I speak only LIFE!! And I pray its used and appreciated. 

I`m a child of the light and in a search for those alike. I shine but together we`ll be almost blinding bright visible in the whole world sight.....

Next month I`m going to post a new one on the definition of what real LOVE is...until we speak again, yours truly...Kking of true love and righteousness.

James Son OF GOD

Joel Taylor #1475510

March 14, 2023

What's up world? 

I want everyone to know that I've been meeting a few good people, but I want to meet more people. I do love small, petite women and thick women. That's all I've dated. I have never dated a BBW. Not saying I wouldn't, I just want you to know what's on my mind.

If at any time anybody wants to look me up on Facebook, make sure when you do, you send a friend request. My Facebook name is JT Taylor. There are no dots between the J and T. Simply JT. Everyone is welcome, just be real. I like to make women laugh. Just give me a chance. Trust me, you will like my vibe. And always know, if the universe sends you my way, just know it happened for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Let's see what that reason is. And when y'all email me, please send pictures. When you do email me, all I ask is if you email me and we vibe, then let's ride. I'll be out soon! Your time will not be wasted. Show loyalty and stand firm with me. Only real females will understand what I'm saying.

For y'all sexy women with confidence, please hit me up! I have good conversation and can hold on to it. I'm just looking for somebody who understands me and likes to live life. If that's you, hit me up. You won't regret it.

Daniel Dion #Y18692

March 14, 2023

Writing about our European cultural roots is a topic and hobby I feel very attached to. Hopefully, I inspire you to expand your mind on a subject that is often ignored in today's times. In today's world, we are witnessing the abandonment and destruction of our cultural heritage and way of life by individuals who have no regard and no respect for the current removal and decline of our homelands, people, and culture. This has been happening for far too long of a time now.

Our history, customs, territory, heritage, and bloodlines are the building blocks of our entire existence as a folk and community. These are things we must love, protect, and cherish in a world that neglects and attacks them. Our sense of pride and honor in ourselves, each other, and our principles achieves unification and unparalleled prosperity for us as a whole. We must reach deep within ourselves and invoke the spirit of the warrior, the lover, the builder, the father, and the mother. Our ability to survive and thrive is dependent on our willingness to protect, strengthen, and advance ourselves and our kin as a whole.

Dedicating ourselves to a noble and higher ideal gives us drive, motivation, and a meaningful sense of purpose in a society that wants to turn us all into soulless, materialistic, and mechanical machines who can't do or think for themselves. The spiritual person will always have an advantage over the spiritless, so which path will you choose? Self-destruction or self-preservation?

Jacob Cayer #71345

March 13, 2023

Since making this account only a few have given me the time of day and only one has been willing to assist in hosting my hidden case files. A few days ago a prayer was answered and someone said they’d help get the project started, I hope they will be true. If my words mean nothing to you then perhaps the hidden case files will; search the YouTube video “Jake speaks and WolfKing rises plus tribute”.

Perhaps afterward I won’t be consistently overlooked. My hope is that someone will be game to become the administrator for the site I’m trying to build into existence. This site will be the people's voice, a community place where their two cents is not only heard in a forum but where a movement can start. It will be a news site for the people by the people - one where if someone you care about is being ill-treated in an institution, school, or workplace you can post it up.

A place to expose outdated laws, or issues in your neighborhood. Stuff you would like to see become news, to say thanks, or advertise your business. I’m sick of news platforms that claim to be for the people but only cherry-pick what they want. You know, with how much publicity my case got I could really utilize its megaphone effect for a lot of good especially with the energy of society these days. But nothing going to happen without someone’s help.

Who’s with me? Let’s roll!